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Shipping Services

Each shipment will have to use a specific shipping service.

A shipment type along with the shipping service define the use case of the shipment.

Service elements

A description of the relation between shipping service elements and shipping services can be found in the glossary

in short

Each shipping service consists of smaller service elements.

Each service element defines specific properties of the shipment.
For instance the COD service element adds the Cash on Delivery option to the shipment.

API Specifics

When specifying a shipment via the GeoAPI, you will be using the service element JSON equivalent.

You will be choosing from all available service elements, see the POST shipments endpoint "services" related properties.

Newer API versions

Also don't forget to checkout our newer API versions:

Always make sure to use the newest version of the API endpoint that is available.
Doing so will ensure the best performance and developer experience.


Only a few combinations of the service elements will result in a valid shipping service.

All the available combinations can be found using the appropriate endpoint

Shipping services list

Well-arraged table with all the necessary data to create a shipment can be found here.

The API provides you with an endpoint through which you can list all the available shipping services.

In this list you will also find the service elements that make up a specific shipping service.


If the shipping service table is not enough, you can also get the underlying data via the API endpoint.

The endpoint is available at this URL:

It is the GET /shipping-services endpoint.