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Quick start

This section contains technical information on how to integrate the GeoAPI into your digital systems.


To make requests on the API you will need to have a working API key.

See the introduction GeoAPI access section on how to get the key.

The API key is used to identify your GeoAPI user account.


You will be receiving two API keys.
One for the production environment and one for the testing environment.

For more information about the environments, see below

API Environments

The Geo API provides two environments for its users.

The available environments are:

  • production - Use this environment when you want to create/request "real world" shipments, pickup orders, labels, etc.
    • Data is propagated further into internal DPD systems
    • Charges for the created shipments, pickup orders, and etc. may apply
  • testing: - Use this if you wish to test your integration before making any "real world" requests.
    • Data is not propagated further into internal DPD systems

API Interfaces

The GeoAPI provides multiple ways on how to execute requests on the API

The currently supported approaches are as follows.


Whatever option you choose from the options below. It is strongly recommended to batch the shipments into bigger requests. Sending many small requests at once can cause performance degradation.

GeoApi is perfectly capable of handling 50 and more shipments in one request.


The REST API technical specification is provided in the form of an Open API specification.

Newer API versions

Also don't forget to checkout our newer API versions:

Always make sure to use the newest version of the API endpoint that is available.
Doing so will ensure the best performance and developer experience.

The API is publicly accessible from the internet on the URLs specified in the Open API specification or here:


You will have to provide the API key in the appropriate HTTP header (x-api-key).

See the Open API specification for more detailed info.


We also provide the GeoAPI JS SDK for easier integration.

The benefits of using the GeoAPI SDK are as follows:

  • IDE Autocompletion for the API inputs/outputs using TypeScript typings
  • Pre configured API endpoint URLs
  • Pre configured API environments

The sdk is publicly hosted on the NPM repositories and is available here: @dpdcz/geoapi-sdk

Supported platforms

The GeoAPI JS SDK is currently supported both on nodejs and modern browsers