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This documentations describes what the GeoAPI is and how to use it properly.

If you are looking for the API specification, then you can find the REST API specification here

Newer API versions

Also don't forget to checkout our newer API versions:

Always make sure to use the newest version of the API endpoint that is available.
Doing so will ensure the best performance and developer experience.

What is GeoAPI

The GeoAPI allows DPD customers to manage (CRUD) their shipments and shipment related data.

The main purpose of the API is to provide the customer the means for:

  • Creating and managing new shipments
  • Ordering pickups for parcels
  • Printing parcel labels
  • Listing all available shipping services
  • Validating shipping routes

How do I get access to the GeoAPI

To use the GeoAPI you first need to contact the DPD customer service.

Customer service contact

The customer service will provide you with your personal API key.
You will then use this API key to authenticate your requests.